TEK Workshops FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Who can attend?
  Answer:  Anyone can attend, regardless of age or membership status.

Question:  How many guests can I bring?
  Answer:  Attendees can register up 5 guests

Question:  Is there a cost for this event?
  Answer:  No, it is free for everyone. But all participants should pre-register.

Question:  What time should I arrive?
  Answer:  We recommend arriving at the event 15 minutes prior to start time.

Question:  How long does the workshop last for?
  Answer:  The Intro to iPad, Intro to iPhone, Intro to Android Smartphones, and Intro to Android Tablets workshops are 90                   minutes long. All other workshops are 1 hour long.

Question:  Should I bring my own device?
  Answer:  No, AARP TEK will issue you a device for hands-on training that is for your use during the class.

Question:  What types of devices will be used for training?
  Answer:  Devices will vary from city to city:  Apple iPads and iPhones, and Android Tablets and Smartphones. AARP TEK                     Workshops are designed to teach common skills that are relevant on all types of Smartphones and Tablets.                           Devices are specified for each workshop so be sure to check when you register.  

Question:  Will there be another AARP TEK Workshop in my area?
  Answer:  All confirmed events can be found on the AARP Academy website at aarp.org/academy.  We are working with                     potential venues in active cities only, to schedule more workshop events. If you live near an active city, please                     keep checking our web page for more confirmed events.

Question:  Do I need to register for this class?
  Answer:  Yes. Register online, or call 1-866-740-6947.

Question:  Will there be any food and/or beverages served?
  Answer:  No meals or refreshments will be provided during these AARP TEK workshops.

Question:  How do I keep in touch with my state AARP office?
  Answer:  You can find us on Facebook. Go to the Facebook search tool and type in "AARP and your state". This will pull                       up your home state's AARP Facebook page. Click "LIKE" on this page and you will receive the latest updates,                       news and events from your AARP state chapter.

Question:  Does AARP offer a discount if I would like to purchase one of these devices?
  Answer:  Since these classes are a learning experience and not a sales event, these devices cannot be purchased on-                       site. Some AARP partners do have special discounts on Smartphones and Tablets. Go to www.aarp.org for                           more information.

Question:  How do I become a member of AARP?
  Answer:  Call AARP at 1-888-OUR-AARP to sign up for an AARP membership or visit our website at www.aarp.org.

Question:  Can I bring my Child or Grandchild to this workshop?
  Answer:  Please Do Not Bring Small Children. We want to have a quiet learning environment for this workshop. Please                       make arrangements to leave your small children or grandchildren with a sitter if you plan to attend this AARP                       TEK Workshop.