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Work and Jobs Recorded Webinars

From Passion to Profit
Thinking of how you might turn your unique talents, hobbies or skills into a small business? Or how do you keep your dreams of success for your small business on track? Watch this webinar to view a panel of innovative and inspiring entrepreneur, and learn how to start or grow your small business.

Resume Critique
Join Jenny Voigt of Amplify Credit Union for a live resume critique, tips, and Q&A.


Know Your Worth
This webinar helps you focus on the value you bring to employers: Knowing your worth.


Freelancing Into Retirement
This webinar discusses how to join the freelancer world and take advantage of a myriad of online work opportunities. You will learn how to augment your income by leveraging the knowledge you have mastered throughout your career, while enjoying a flexible work schedule that you control.

Translating Life Experience into Skills that Get you Hired
This webinar focuses on Translating Life Experience Into a Skillset That Gets You Hired.


Navigating Cluttered Job Search Sites
Looking for a job but feeling overwhelmed by the countless online resources? Get tips and advice from job expert Kerry Hannon on how to navigate cluttered job search sites.  

How Volunteering Can Boost Your Career
Discover volunteer opportunities, how volunteering can boost your career, and what recruiters look for when reviewing your volunteer experiences.

5 Tips for Recharging Your Job Search
Five tips from Kerry Hannon, AARP’s Work & Jobs Expert, about how you can jump start your job search and revamp and re-energize your career

Improv to Get the Job
Create genuine connections more easily and confidently by learning basic improv skills. You'll learn how to use humor and fun to engage with others and become more warm and natural in interactions for greater impact on job interviews.

Navigating the Intergenerational Workforce
Hear from representatives of leading industries as they discuss how today's four generations in the workplace can teach and learn from each other, resulting in a more enjoyable and productive workplace. 

Turning a Passion or Hobby Into Extra Income
Suan Grant will share how she started and marketed her small business and lessons she learned about reentering the workforce after more than three decades.

Interview Intel: Behind the Scenes Advice to Win Your Job
Don't go into your next job interview cold. We'll take you behind the scenes of an interview, teach you questions to ask, questions to avoid and advice to help you win your next job.

Adaptability! Using New Realities to Get a Job
Today's job search is very different than it was when you started your career. Even if you have years of experience, adapting yourself to the new realities of job searches is crucial. From understanding younger bosses to submitting electronic applications, learn to adapt your search skills to get a job. 

Target,  Conquer & Focus: Getting Back to Work!
Searching for a job you'll love? View this recorded webinar to learn how to target your search and find a job that fits YOUR interests and skills. Plus, conquer job applications, the interview process AND learn how to focus on yourself! 

Trade Your Dress Shoes for Slippers: The Inside Scoop on Being a Teleworker
Learn the ins and outs of working from home. From finding a job to making the most of your work day, our interactive webinar will give you tips on teleworking.  Plus, we'll help you avoid work-from-home scams and find reputable employers who are hiring teleworkers.

Beat the Competition, Stand Out from the Crowd & Land Your Next Job!
When it comes to landing a job, you can’t just be a little better than the competition, you have to stand out from the crowd!  Learn dynamic ways to write cover letters that get read, résumés that get noticed and make an impression that helps you move from job seeker to employee.

Unlock the Key to Your Job Search by Leveraging Your Personal Network
Heather Tinsley-Fix, AARP’s Senior Advisor of Financial Resilience, could help you learn how to build and leverage your personal network – which could be the key to your job search. From professional associations to networking, learn how to make connections that will help you land your next job

Using Social Media in the Job Search
The job market has dramatically changed with the new technological advances in the last century.  Jen Lee Reeves will show you how to stay competitive by utilizing social media during your job search.

Building Your Professional Development Plan
Learn how to build your professional development plan through specific e-learning, social and professional networking sites and specific strategies.

Build Your Brand
Nicole Williams provides practical strategies on how to navigate LinkedIn by creating a profile, making connections, building recommendations, and following industry trends, all while exploring how the latest social marketing tools can help propel your career to the next level.

Family Caregiving

Home Safe Home
In this recorded webinar, you’ll discover smart solutions for making any home more comfortable, safer and a great fit. Learn how to adapt appliances, steps, doorways, electrical outlets and more so you can help loved ones maintain their independence in every room. 

Making the 'Difficult to Talk About' a Message and Discussion of Hope. 
This webinar explores the reality of becoming a family caregiver seen through the eyes of B. Smith's husband, Dan Gasby.  Dan shares his caregiving journey and answers questions in this open and honest interview. 

Heart Advice: Family Caregivers in Heartland
An open and honest heart conversation with Judy and Maren, family caregivers in Kansas. You'll learn how caregiving has changed in the last few years and how they care for loved ones with strength and grace. 

Joy Unleashed: Lessons A Dog Taught an Unemployed Baby Boomer
Based on the new book, Joy Unleashed, learn how Jean Baur found a sense of belonging and confidence after being downsized by adopting an abandoned puppy on a beach in Puerto Rico.

Caregiving & the Holidays: Signs, Expectations & Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers
Learn about warning signs of dementia and Alzheimer's,  managing expectations around the holidays, and other tips needed to make the most out of your visit with your loved one. 

A Caregiving Conversation
Actress Holly Robinson Peete and author Sherri Snelling candidly discuss juggling caregiving and work, facing hurdles with family, friends, health care professionals and a society not addressing a caregiver's needs, and how to balance caring for you while caring for others. 

Understanding Medicare
AARP and CMS highlight aspects of Medicare so that you can make informed health care decisions.

Financial Tips for Caregivers
Taking care of a loved one can have financial impacts.  In this on-demand presentation, Lee Baker, will discuss how to manage your finances and those of the loved one(s) you’re caring for.

Caregiving and Cancer
A cancer diagnosis affects close friends and family too. Find out what to expect if you become a caregiver for a person with cancer, and get tips on taking care of yourself as well. 

Joys and Challenges Facing Military Caregivers
Hear from current and former military members and their loved ones about the joys and challenges of caregiving. 

Unstuck! Lightening the Heart of the Family Caregiver with Humor
Thirty-year family caregiver, author and AARP Tennessee Volunteer Peter Rosenberger will help you learn how to lighten your heart, rediscover your identity and find a safe emotional path while sharing his inspiring personal experience as a family caregiver. 

Family Caregivers Feeling Squeezed: Life in the Sandwich Generation
Are you a sandwich generation caregiver?  Get the scoop on being a sandwich generation caregiver.  Hear real stories about how others are managing and succeeding and getting the most of the situation.

Lighten the Family Caregiver Load Using Everyday Technology
Get the latest trends, tips and tricks on how you can use everyday technology -- many of which you may already own -- to lighten your load and be a better family caregiver.

Refuel Your Family Caregiving Tank: 10 Ways to Nurture Yourself
Are you a family caregiver running on an empty tank? Watch this interactive conversation between Amy Goyer and Felicia Brown for insight on how to take care of yourself as you care for a loved one.

Prepare to Care: Five Simple Steps to Make Caregiving Easier
Being a family caregiver can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve been caring for a loved one for many years or you’re just beginning your journey, this session will teach you five simple steps that will make the process easier.

Turn Up the Volume, Turn Down the Stress
Learn how music can be beneficial for caregivers and how it provides healing avenues for those with multiple levels of stress.  

Technology Recorded Webinars

Distracted Driver 101
Join Kyle Rakow, Vice President of the AARP Driver Safety program, to learn the simple tips that may help you avoid distractions while driving.

Demystifying Medical Apps and Wearable Health Devices
Dr. Leslie Saxon, gives you her diagnosis on what to look for in a medical app and how to maximize your health through wearables.  She will also give you a glimpse into the future of medical care and digital health through advanced technology such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and other ways to provide patients and caregivers more on-demand access to medical experts.

Social Media Recorded Webinars

Facebook Security
Jen Lee Reeves, AARP's Social Media Trainer discusses what social media is, the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and provides best practices for using Facebook. 

Connecting With Family and Friends Using Social Media 
Jen Lee Reeves, AARP's Social Media Trainer discusses Facebook's profile and location settings, tips on sharing information and "friending" others.

Tablets & Phones Recorded Webinars 

Introduction to iOS 9 on the iPhone
Learn how to make the most out of your iPhone with author Brad Miser, as he discusses safer, easier and more fun techniques to use.

How Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life
Author and Blogger, Laura Greenwald discusses how your smartphone can save your life.

Editing and Sharing Your Digital Images
Author and Photographer, Jason R. Rich discusses how to edit, share and print photos taken on your iPhone and Android device.

Digital Photography with Your Smartphone or Tablet
Author and Photographer, Jason R. Rich covers the basics of how to use the camera app on iPhone and Android devices and offers 10 proven strategies for taking pictures. 

Online Safety Recorded Webinars

Shopping Online Safely
Michele Chubirka discusses tips for online shopping, securing your banking information and protecting yourself from scams, phishing, fraud and identity theft.  

Connected Life Recorded Webinars

Monitoring your Health with Activity Trackers
Join Mike Lee, AARP’s Digital Strategy Advisor, for a video webinar as he demonstrates how to use activity trackers such as FitBit, Misfit Shine, Apple Watch, Moov Now and more.

Building Relationships & Dating in the Mobile Age
Learn about connecting online safely and dating in the mobile age as Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist, discusses best practices for online relationships and protecting your personal information.

Connecting with Family at a Distance During the Holidays
Learn how to stay connected with family at a distance during the holidays using the various chat tools that are available today.  

Using Tech to Connect
Relationships change with new jobs, retirement or moving but technology can bridge this gap.  Lisa Cook, Founder of Plan B Connections discusses strategies to stay connected and create meaningful relationships using technology. 

On-the-Go Reading with Your Mobile Devices
Learn how to take the reading content you enjoy the most with you anywhere on your mobile device. Mike Lee, AARP's Digital Strategy Advisor covers how to access e-books, audio books and podcasts.